Saturday, January 30, 2010

Joys of Boys

(Don't read this if you know the difference between lay, lie, lye, lain, laid etc... because I don't)

I woke up slow this morning.  One of those nice Saturday mornings where you get to lay in bed and not hurry anywhere.  Then I look at the fabric that lays in swooshes over my bed.  Laying inside one of the swooshes was a small whoopie cushion.  Yes, a whoopie cushion.  The sad thing is, it does not shock me.  Having 5 boys in the house (yes, I include my husband in that) makes for weird things in weird places.  When Jared came in for his morning hug I pointed out the whoopie cushion.  "oh, that's where I hid it."

I finally make it downstairs to the pantry for my morning cereal.  On the shelf amongst the Cheerios, and Kix is a large rattlesnake, with a rattler and fangs.  It was of the plastic variety but it is a snake none the less.

Sigh. I love my boys.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I am...

the girl who was called daddy-long-legs in school

the girl who always wanted a baby sister

the girl who wore a $4 vintage dress to Jr. Prom

the girl who wanted speak Spanish but instead learned Oakie

the girl that fell in love with a red head boy

the woman who had six kids by choice, insanity by default

the woman who still plays with Barbies

the mom who buys live crickets and dead mice

the wife who is still in love 


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