Thursday, December 30, 2010

My REAL Top 10

Yes, it's me blogging.  Don't die of shock.  Lost a bit of my blogging mojo but I feeling it coming back on with a vengeance.  You lucky, lucky readers.  In the new year I will be back to my witty, sarcastic self on a weekly basis.  You are welcome. 

To end this year, you my faithful with be let in a a few secrets.  A lot of folks this week will be sharing their "Top 10 of 2010" whether it be life changing events, or top ten posts.  For our family newsletter this year, we each shared our "Top Five". I listed normal boring things like celebrating my 20th anniversary, going to Hawaii, blah, blah, blah.  But here it is.  The real "Top Ten of 2010".  Things that made me happy, sad and somewhat perplexed.

1. Gaining 20 lbs this year but only going up ONE pant size!
2. Growing my hair out for a couple of years and then whacking it off for no apparent reason. 
3.  Actually being diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands, thus having proof of my dedication to blogging and my iPhone. 
4.  Finding Sees Candy under my bed that was supposed to go in Christmas stockings and eating it all myself. 
5. Finishing 3 seasons of Veronica Mars on Netflix because I am 12. 
6.Also watched all 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls for the 5th time.
7. Have our house on the market for over a year, pack, rent storage unit, pretend we were moving, take house off market, not move, unload storage unit, have garage full of boxes. 
8. Pay for gym membership and be more out of shape at end of year than ever before. 
9. Have my eye sight deteriorate at an alarming rate thus causing the need for a dozen pair of reading glasses placed strategically around the house and never be able to find a pair when I need them. 
10.  Helped new friends from Nigeria get their uncle out on bail for trumped up charges.  Still waiting to get paid back. 

Here is to you and yours for a happy new year and for making it real in 2011!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Drivers Ed

Knuckles white and holding on tight.  Seat belt securely fastened.  Airbags on.  Imaginary brake under my right foot.  A white flag ready to wave at a moments notice.  I have my ecclesiastical leader on speed dial and I sit wishing I was a crash test dummy that could not see or feel pain.  I am as ready as I'll ever be for my teenager to take the wheel.  Yes, Carrie Underwood, I too wish it was Jesus. 

In the state of Nevada, at the age of 151/2, a teen can take a 50 question test to receive their learners permit.  They can miss up to 10 questions.  Even if one of the questions missed was "what does a red light mean?", they still get their permit.  That's it.  They can then drive a 2 ton vehicle WITH NO DRIVING EXPERIENCE. AT. ALL.  They return to the DMV 6 months later with a mandatory 50 hours of driving under their belt to get their license.  What?  Who is supposed to teach them? Unless you want to pay a driving school to be in the car with them 24/7, it is all on the shoulders of the parents. 

In our house we are on our 3rd teenage driver.  You would think I would be used to it by now.  It would be like getting used to Stevie Wonder as your chauffeur.  Yes, we have survived our teen drivers without major incident. If you call a speeding ticket, for doing 90 on the freeway while also following too close, a minor infraction. 

When the car keys come out, 15 1/2 year old Sassy is worse than the dog when he sees his leash. 

Can I drive? 

Ummmmm.  No.
It's raining.
It's too sunny.
There are ducks in the road.
It's too dark.
I am in a hurry. (I am allowed to speed, she is not) 

So we have about 2 hours down and 48 to go and I am running out of excuses.  I use the word "we" liberally.  The father figure has no problem sitting in the passenger seat, reading the newspaper while the teenager takes to the road.  So he is the yin to the drivers yang.  He plays good cop and I am cop screaming and stressed out . The bad news is we have 3 more drivers to go, the good news is, by the time our last one is 16, I will be too old and desensitized to care.


Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have brothers.  Three to be exact.  All older.  So yes, I am the baby and the only girl.  This role came with its perks (still does!) and its drawbacks.  Teased a lot?  Yes.  Had my own room?  Yes.  Now that we are all parents and some are grandparents, our relationships have matured.  I adore my big bros but that does not mean I did not ever long for a sister.  I used to ask my mom for a baby sister every year for Christmas.  Instead I got dolls and barbies, which would explain my love of them to this day.   But I knew early on that I needed that connection to other girls.  So instead of sisters, I was blessed with friends.  Not only did I make them, I kept them.  

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  It is my fourth birthday party.  We are all in dresses, I have a barbie cake,  killer pigtails and best friends.  Forty years later these girls are still my friends.  We may go for periods of time without talking but when we get together it is an ease and comfort that can't be describe.  It's a sisterhood.

Between us we have 32 kids!! (Multiply and replenish? Check!)

We recently did have a few days together and we all spoke of how blessed we are to have each other for so long.  We laughed, ate, reminisced, ate, etc... By the end of the weekend it was the Sisterhood of the Traveling Fat Pants! We felt filled and loved and did not want it to end.  Luckily for me, it does not end. 

Besides having lifelong girlfriends, I have gained sisters.  I married a man that has five of them.  The dynamics of a large family and especially of sisters were very foreign to me 20 years ago and it has been a learning curve.  But as distances grew shorter and time progressed, these ladies became my sisters and best friends.  We are LOUD together. love to laugh together and live for the girls trips.  

My own family grew in girl power over the years.  With two daughters of my own, sister-in-laws that keep my brothers in check, gorgeous nieces I love as my own and great-nieces I adore,  I am finally surround by girls.  But I still have my curio of barbies and dolls to remind me how lucky I am to have sisters.  

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Overheard at My House

Having kids ages 6 to 17 living in my house, you can guess the things heard and said within these walls are varied.  When I'm smart, I jot down a few of them...

I was recopying a list of items I needed and making a grocery list.
Sassy (age 15)- Why are you writing those down again?
Me- I write them in the order I find them in at the grocery store.  I know where everything is in the store and this makes it easier to shop.
Sassy-That's sad.
Me- No it's smart.  This is the way my mom did it and now so do I.
Sassy-No, it's not the list that's sad, it's that you know where everything is.
(Yes.  Yes it is.)

6 yr old JerBear and 8 yr old Coltito were looking at my toes  I thought they were admiring my pedicure.
JerBear to his brother-  Dude, look at this toe.  It's sooooo long!
(Is this what they were seeing?)


17 yr. old Man/Boy was wondering why we show so much concern for breast cancer awareness.
Man/Boy- Why don't we have testicular cancer awareness?
Me- What color would represent it?  Blue?
Man/Boy-  Yes.  And the symbol could be the same for breast cancer, except upside down.
Me-(laughed out loud)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Testicular Cancer Awareness Ribbon. You're welcome.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Apparently I've been busy...

I erroneously thought that after I sent my last kid off to school full time this fall my life would be my own.  I would become master of the blogging universe and think  deep thoughts and share them with you all. Well my thoughts are not any deeper and my time alone goes way too fast.  As all of my faithful readers may have noticed, I have not been prolific at all.  I can't seem to write, read or comment.  So what have I been doing with my time?  I am glad you asked...
...celebrating  my babies 6th birthday by adding a new critter to our house and making monster cupcakes.  
Yes I am crazy but that smile is worth it. 

...looking after, worrying about and cleaning up after the Duck family that lives on our block. 

...being campaign strategist for my 8th graders presidential attempt.  
(we lost the vote but it builds character, right?)
...going on a go-cart date with my hubby because I look awesome in a helmet.  
He lapped me three times.  Slow and steady does  not win a go-cart race.  

...collecting Madame Alexander Happy Meal Dolls from my own personal 
McDonalds customer service representative.

...getting stopped by more than one stranger telling me they love my purse.  And feeling just a bit snobbish when I say "thank you. I got in NYC."
 ...getting all my hairs cut. It now takes 5 mins to blow dry instead of 20.  Growing it out and cutting it off is a hobby of mine.  (I am horrible at the self-portrait).

You may add to that list... doing laundry, carpooling, field trips, cub scouts, cooking and cleaning.  You know, the usual.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

10 Things I learned in NYC

I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few days in NYC with my daughter last week.  It was a surreal experience and the Big Apple did not disappoint.  Here are a few things I learned...

1. Taxi drivers love their horns, their gas pedals and brakes.  Staying in their own lane, not so much.  
2. The streets are just as busy, fast moving, loud and sometimes stinky, as they look on TV. 
3. Everyone we met, that lives there was soooooo nice.  For some reason it surprised me. 

4.  Broadway is not overrated.  The shows we saw were better than we ever imagined.  
5. The subway was not as scary and as hard to figure out as I thought.  They were as stinky though. 
6. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is taller in person.  
7. People really do win contests.  There were 32 of the nicest kids there that proved that.  
8. Not everyone gets mugged in Central Park.  It is so beautiful and picturesque.  
9.  Hardly anyone dresses like the girls from Sex and the City.  

10. I love being with my daughter and hanging out.  This is something I already knew.  It was just reconfirmed!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Up to You New York, New York

While at college, pursuing a higher education, she was watching MTV.  I don't allow that channel in my house, but my daughter is 19 now and on her own and making her own crap reality show choices.  An ad come on saying "text this number now for a chance to win a trip to NYC."  Yea right.  Without her mom's pessimistic voice in her ear, she did it and then forgot about it.

One month later she received a phone call saying she won a trip for two to NYC and the chance to win up to $100,000 in a texting competition.   Yea right.  She called me excited but we were both skeptical.  This is something that only happens on Oprah but not to us.  Low and behold two weeks later she gets a fat envelope with details and a contract.  What the what? And because I have not cut the umbilical chord completely, she asked me to go with her on this trip.  Ummmmmm YES!

So crazy as it is, while we were spending money on tuition and bigger dreams for our first born, she wins a trip to NYC to be in a texting competition.  And as you read this we are on a plane to the city that never sleeps.  I have typed up four pages of instructions and schedules for the household while and I gone.  It only takes a small village to replace me for a few days.

To come out with the prize money would be nice but the sooner she is eliminated from the texting fray, the  more time we will have to pursue tourist and shopping goals.  We could actually sit and watch Broadway shows for 4 days and be in our own little heaven.

What strange circumstances and an amazing opportunity to be with my girl who has lived out of the house of the past year.  And to share NYC together is going to be a thrill.  I hope.  I am praying we don't get mugged or lost.  Or both.  Or become the subject of the next Law and Order: SVU.  I am calling this our "Text and the City Tour."

If she makes it to the final 8, you can watch it live at 1pm EST on  this Tuesday, Sept. 21 at We may be there or we may be at the top of the Empire State Building by then.

Wish us luck.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Redeeming Myself

Just in time to redeem myself from my last post, I am honored to be a guest writer for Jocelyn at We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ.  Yes I know, I was surprised too. She is an amazing young mom, who being much more mature than me, writes about families, service and faith.  This month she is celebrating Family: A Proclamation to the World, a document written for and about families in 1995.  Every day she is featuring a different guest writer and her/his perspective on this amazing proclamation.  I am thrilled to be a part of it.  Please go show some love.  


Monday, September 13, 2010


I once extolled  to you my love of my iPhone.  My phone and I have been in a serious relationship for almost 2 years.  We have had our ups and downs but have remained faithful to each other.  My husband, who gave me the phone quickly started calling it my lover because it never left my hands. Even in bed. Since then he has gotten his own iPhone so the jealousy has lessened.  Well I found a way to combine the love of my of phone, my bed and my husband all in one.  This handy little application called the Bedometerr, will count the number of calories that are burned during sex.  Finally!!

As you see, it does not discriminate against the single person with it's one player mode.  It's really the best of all worlds. We can use BOTH of our phones for a more accurate report of the calories burned in our "sexy gym."  You can even share your results on Facebook to compare your work outs with your friends.  All this for only $.99. What will they think of next?


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Into the Wild

I am not accustomed to giving travelogues on my blog but I had such a fantastic labor day weekend that I had to share.  With one chick that has already flown the coup, every time I can get my whole family together is a joy.  The older they get the harder it will be to have these weekends.  Pulling my husband out of work mode is not always easy either.  But we did it. We stole away to the mountains.  To 72 degree weather and even cooler nights.

The kids could just hang around

The teenagers could drive themselves crazy

We could share our burning love for one another

Man/Boy celebrated his 17th birthday with a swan dive

And I now have PROOF that the hubby can make friends ANYWHERE!

The most interesting, strange, morbid, creepy aspect of the weekend was within the very walls of the cabin we rented.  The owner, who we do not know, apparently loves to hunt and has a very close relationship with his taxidermist. 

Mr. Fox watched over us while we ate.

There was Bambi...

...and his extended family.

 Mr. Armadillo kept guard at the window

The Turkey Triplets were indeed stuffed, but not for Thanksgiving. 

The best was saved for the master bedroom of course...
Meet Muskrat Suzy with hoofed arrow shoved through her throat.
(I guess it was in supposed to inspire "Muskrat Love")  

And we had our bedside reading light to comfort us.  

Despite the house of horrors, it was a perfect weekend because...
...I had all my ducks in a row.  (with one very unhappy duck on the end)


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The H Word

You all know of my enthusiasm for school to start, and it finally happened yesterday.  The kindergartner, JareBear was so excited that when we pulled up to his school he exclaimed, "I'm freaking out." We'll see how long that lasts.   I now have kids in college,  high school, middle school and elementary.  Yes we spread our kids out just enough to have the school experience as long as possible.  As much as I looked forward to my new  freedom at the end of a long summer, I forgot about the price I pay for that freedom.  The cost of my quiet time is the  H word, otherwise known as homework.

Having five kids in the house with homework ranging from trigonometry to counting how many apples in a set, makes for some strategic planning.  There can be no distractions.  Even a burp or well, you know, other noises, can set off a trigger reaction.  They all have to be far enough away from each other that one's eyeballs can't make contact with another.  They can't be in a room with a TV or a computer because they have a magnetic pull that can't be resisted.  Cell phones must also be unglued from fingers and taken out of arms reach. (How else am I going to read their texts without them knowing)?

For some reason, another requirement of getting homework done is I have to turn into Momzilla.  There must be constant monitoring, evil stares, threats of starvation and a life on the streets.  Because we all know who will get blamed if homework does not get done and it's not the kid.  I did not feel this much pressure to get homework done when the homework was actually mine!  (That might explain a few things but that is a whole other blog).

 Now, I am not one of those parents who requires straight A's, nor am I drilling math facts into their brains in their sleep.  Nor do I "do" their homework for them. Just getting their assigned work done on a daily basis is my entire goal.  With my high schoolers this goal can take until midnight and that is when Momzilla is worn down and the trust factor comes in.  I hate the trust factor.  It works for some teenagers and not others.  But in the end we have to let go, which is the hardest  part of being a parent.  We have to let go and live with and love the adult that is being produced under our wings.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my peace in the mornings.  I will hug an kiss my children when they come home from school.  I will feed them a healthy snack.  Then I will quietly put on my Momzilla mask and crack the whip.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Recently my college cutie and I both had to get something notarized.  (The reason why,  I will share in a later blog).  In my 43 years I think there was one other time I had to do this.  The idea seems very antiquated.  I was surprised to find that UPS stores have notaries so I told my daughter, who lives in another city, to go to her local UPS store too.

I did not know what to expect.  I pictured an old guy in a back room at an old metal desk with a big round embossing thing.  But there were just UPS folks in their blue polos and khakis.  (I guess the brown uniforms are reserved for the hot delivery boys). The blue-polo lady asked me to go over to a counter in the middle of the store.  I met her there with my very important papers.  She had a log book that she put down info. in and looked at my drivers license.  Sitting next to her log book, was a stamp.  There was no round embossing thing.

So after I signed my very important paper and before she signed and stamped her very important paper, she asked me to raise my right hand.

Huh?  In the middle of the store?  Not wanting to be un-notarized, I did it.

She proceeded with something about solemnly swearing that everything I said, did, wrote and thought, was the truth and nothing but.  So help me God.

Really?  In the middle of the store? Who died and made her judge?  She did not flinch or smile.  She was serious.

So with my right hand still in the air, I said yes.  Thinking I was under oath, I then testified that Colonel Mustard did it in the library with the knife.  Or maybe that was just in my head.

I then got to pay $5.00 for the privilege.

I left the store thinking the whole thing a bit odd but supposed that was how it was done.

I then talked to my hubby who snickered at me.  He said he's had things notarized a lot for his business and never had to raise his hand and swear anything.  Well, maybe that is just because he is a cute and charming.

But then I talked to my daughter who went to her own UPS store.  She snickered too.  Well, more like laughed out loud.  No, she did not swear to anything either.

What?  Why me?  Did I find the only notary on a power trip? Was there a hidden camera and they were watching video, on their lunch breaks, of the poor slobs that raised their right hand in the middle of the store?

I think it was racial profiling.

Everyone knows that Caucasian, middle aged moms, are always the first to get the shaft.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Does your McDonalds have an open bar?

I have tried to keep my connections on the down low.  I don't want anyone to think I am not just a normal down to earth mom.  But I guess it's time to spill the beans and then you can decide if you're still worthy of my presence.  I have connections at McDonalds.  My BIL might own a few of them.   I may have access to Happy Meal Toys. Yea I know, it's a pretty cool perk.  Well, the BIL had an open house for  his new restaurant last night and we got to see it pre-grease and nugget-hungry people.

The store was so beautiful and un-hamburger like.  My SIL, who has luxurious taste, decorated every square inch.  There were purples, greens and black and white accents.  And a chandelier.  Yea it would make me think twice about dripping my ketchup on the floor.  It is so pretty it could totally count for a cheap date night.  

And what do they serve at a McDonalds open house? NOT french fries and ranch dip.  It was catered by Wolfgang Puck's restaurant.   There were froo-froo appetizers and an open bar, in a McDonalds.  Though we do not drink, the hubs and I tried to feel as fancy as the atmosphere as we drank our cranberry juice.  When I recognized something that looked like pizza I snagged that too.  

As we were taking a tour of the stainless steel kitchen, the WP chef was also there.  He had on his chef smock and was having an intense conversation, in his European accent,  with the store manager.  She was showing him the ins and outs of the kitchen and how everything worked.  He was fascinated.  I was fascinated watching him be fascinated by how fast food works.  At one point he was holding a frozen beef patty.

So the next time you go in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant, and they offer to supersize your meal, you'll know why.

Last week, to celebrate my 100th post I held my first giveaway. 
We have a winner for the CSN Stores $50 gift certificate...
Drum roll please.....

She is an adorable blogger and gardener from the Great White North. 


Friday, August 13, 2010

School, Shmool

Yea, quit bragging.  I know a lot of you have already sent your kids back to school.  My kids have two more weeks.  Go ahead and feel sorry for me.  I cannot wait for school to start.  I am not one of those moms that will cry as I drop them off.  Though I love the lazy days of summer (a.k.a. sleeping-in), they are usually accompanied by a lot of fighting, whining and "what are we going to do today?" I so desperately want to say "YOU ARE GOING TO SCHOOL TODAY."  So with that being said, for my monthly stint on, I shared my strategy, or lack of it, for Back to School Basics.  Please head over there and share some comment love.

ALSO don't forget to enter my 1st Giveaway to celebrate my 100th post!


Monday, August 9, 2010

My First Giveaway!!!!!

It is time to celebrate!  I am celebrating my 100th post as a blogger.  I wanted this post to be my 100th but it is actually my 101st.  Whatever.  I started blogging in 2008.  I think I wrote four posts that year and four in 2009.  So at least 90 of my posts have been written this year.  It was the 43 years of pent up angst and rants that could no longer wait to get out! My family now wears t-shirts that say "blog fodder" because they know their place.  I started blogging becasue I love writing but had no idea of the world I was entering.  The friends I have made have been a priceless bonus.  So this giveaway is for my bloggy friends and loyal readers and commenters.

There is nothing I like more than shopping online. Being able to spend money while still in my underwear is a gift of living in the internet age.  Since having 8 people live in my house makes it sometimes smelly and not pretty, I like add pretty things like quilts, pillows and someday, these awesome upholstered headboards!


Let's face it folks, a soft headboard is easier on the love life (sorry Dad, but it's true).  But these are only a fraction of the things CSN Stores has in its over 200 stores.  So for my lovelies we are giving away a 

$50 gift certificate that can be used at any CSN store.  

 I am going to make this easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy.  All you have to do is leave a comment.  That's it. Of course those comments that say great things about me may get extra consideration. And if you wanted to join my Facebook group you can.  And if you became a faithful reader and follower of my blog, that would be super. And if you wanted to twitter about it I would love you forever.  But all you have to do is leave a comment because I am easy like that.  Just ask my husband.  

*this giveaway is only open to residents of the US and Canada. 

*this contest will be open until August 15, 2010, midnight, Pacific Coast Time.  A winner will announced on Monday August 16.  Good Luck.  


Friday, August 6, 2010

Master of My Domain

Back when the Seinfeld gang had The Contest and became "masters of their domain" I would have never have imagined that I too would be master of my domain.  My web domain that is.  I bought my own little piece of the web-o-sphere today.  I am now a dot com.  I have been watching, learning and listening to the smart women around me like Dee Dee at What Ever Dee Dee Wants and her great how to blog post about custom domains.  And voila! I am the domain master of

So now that THAT is mastered, what's next?  Here are some other things I would like to master...

...the art of putting the toilet seat protective cover on and actually sitting on it before it falls in.
...the art of reading a book in less than a month.  So much to read, such a slow reader.
...the art of texting or typing emoticons without looking at the screen.  Where is that darn parentheses anyway?
...being a dog whisperer.  Right now I am just the dog yeller.
...the art of cooking.  Well, not really but I think I supposed to say that because I am a mom.
...parking my SUV in a parking space, straight.  Yea that's me, the crooked one.
...being able to have a pedicure without letting it tickle.  And then giggling.
...not being bitter that there is not yet a  Real Housewives of Las Vegas.

What would YOU like to master?


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And then there was one

No I am not talking about Roberto. who the Bachelorette Ali chose tonight (though I have decided to start calling my husband, Roberto instead of Robert).  It was a good ending to a fun season of the Bachelorette though Ali's hair never quite found it's groove.  I digress.

My heart is aching tonight for a mother in my neighborhood.  She laid her eggs in the bushes of our neighbor across the street.  These hedges have been the incubating spot for many a duck family over the last couple of years.  We have seen many ducklings grow up on our street, which is in walking distance to the lake.  They are the neighborhood pets.  They are watched over and protected as much as possible.

Last spring there was this mommy of about 12 ducklings.  I  think she was vying for her own reality show with that big flock.  They wandered the streets in all their cuteness and spurt their poop in all its grossness. Eventually they go to the lake and stay.

So the new mommy emerged at the end of last week with five little ducklings, barely taller than a blade of grass.  Our whole family was so excited and went outside at every sighting (okay maybe the 16 yr old man/boy was not as excited as the rest of us).

On Sunday afternoon, pulling up to our house, Mommy Duck was walking them across the street, all FIVE.  On Sunday evening she was camping out on our front sidewalk, babies gathered around, and there were only FOUR.  My hubby and I looked around and it was nowhere to be found.  I felt so sad for this mommy and wanted to throat punch the cat or dog or whatever it was that took her baby.

This afternoon we saw Mommy Duck a few doors down on someones lawn.  There were only TWO babies.  More sadness, more longing for throat punching.

Tonight as I came home from a late night of eating junk and making fun of the Bachelorette's hair, Mommy Duck was in front of my house again.  And there was ONE baby. ONE!  My heart sank.  This poor mommy had lost all  but one baby.  I wanted to  bring her inside and protect her and her duckling.  Or stand outside all night and guard them with a bat.  But as we learn from Shark Week and The Hills,  there is a circle of life.

As a mom, raising six of my own babies and wanting to keep them close and safe my heart aches for Mommy Duck.  We can't always protect our kids.  Though I know my own kids will not be eaten by a wild animal (unless camping in Yellowstone apparently), they will leave me.  They will poop all over my house and leave me, as one already has.  So I just pray I have taught them enough to not get eaten alive by the world and to call their mom every once in awhile.


P.S. This was written at 1:30 am, have no idea if it's coherent.  Going to check on Mommy Duck and go to bed.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apparently I am the underwear expert now...

Yea I am beginning to think I need to stick to online shopping.  This time, I was not molested at Target and no one was shot at Costco.  But I did attempt to shop at Costco for the first time since the very controversial incident. I was running low on my new favorite chocolate covered blueberries, so clearly I had no choice.  Not to mention the churro craving I could no longer ignore.

Everything seemed back to normal and the store was business as normal.  I was making my regular counter clock-wise route around the store, putting things in my cart that were not on my list.  I was almost done, event free when I spotted the sheet sets.  We were down to one set of sheets for our Calif. King and these were actually on the list.

As I was starring down the sheet choices, an older man (older than me, say 50ish), non-creepy looking, was looking perplexed starring at the ladies underwear.  He already had a cart full of socks and men's underwear.  I tried to ignore him when he spoke.

Non-Creepy Man: My wife's not here and I'm out of my element (so glad he was admitting that).  I am buying underwear for a ladies charity (sure you are).  I need less fashionable and more serviceable.

Now I was this guys expert on ladies underwear.  Great.  Serviceable?  Not fashionable?  Funny and weird terms for underwear.  Little did he know, in my mind "serviceable" underwear sounded a lot more dirty than fashionable.  He was apparently embarrassed.  Costco did not carry any underwear that would be the envy of the girls at the strip club.  He had nothing to worry about.  And because I am nothing if not charitable, I directed him to the packages of ladies underwear.  I told him they were perfectly acceptable to donate to charity.

And trying not to make him any more uncomfortable than he already was, I tried to be nice.

Me being nice:  Yea, you have a lot of socks and underwear there.  That's very nice of you.

Yea I said something that lame and pushed my cart away.  And I prayed that, that man's wife would not let him out alone, again.  Especially if he was on an errand to buy ladies underwear.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back when I was a blogging virgin...

So as not to interrupt my crazy, lazy, hazy, daze of summer, I am repurposing an old post.  But not just any old post.  This was my FIRST post EVER.  This was written back in October of 2008, when I was a blogging virgin.  I had no idea what I was doing with a blog for about the next 1 1/2 years.  I think my writing voice has changed a bit, but the topic and and my feelings about it, have not.

Morning Naps

I am not a morning person. Even with all the mornings I have had to get up for in my life. 4 years of early morning seminary, 1 1/2 years of missionary service, and let's not forget 6 babies over a 14 year period of time and the varying times of the early mornings that has allowed me to see.

 From the time the oldest kid could pour cereal and turn on the TV,  I have spent morning time in bed. Especially during the summer breaks when there was no one to get ready and take to school. Now, I thought nothing of it until a few years ago,

I found I was a topic of conversation. A friend came over one day with a friend of hers that I had not met. After she introduced me to her friend, the friend said " Oh she is the one that sleeps until 9". I was shocked. I laughed it off but have thought about it a lot. Are moms automatically supposed to rise at the crack of dawn because they are a mom? And the fact that I did not get up early was enough to mention in a conversation because I was breaking the mommy code? So why the guilt about sleeping in?

Yes, getting up earlier would allow me to "get more done" in a day. The stuff that I would do will always be there. Always, always, always. Yes, I could spend more time with my kids. But lets face it, the kids are one reason I sleep in and they will be mine for eternity. Now, don't get me wrong I still do my motherly duties when necessary. Like this morning began my one week in 4 to drive my son and others kids to early morning seminary. I was done with this task by 6:15 am. It was still dark outside and no one else was even up yet. I thought about taking advantage of this "extra" hour like a good mom would do. But the thought never made it to action. So I did what a normal, tired, mom of 6 would do. I went back to bed.



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