Thursday, December 30, 2010

My REAL Top 10

Yes, it's me blogging.  Don't die of shock.  Lost a bit of my blogging mojo but I feeling it coming back on with a vengeance.  You lucky, lucky readers.  In the new year I will be back to my witty, sarcastic self on a weekly basis.  You are welcome. 

To end this year, you my faithful with be let in a a few secrets.  A lot of folks this week will be sharing their "Top 10 of 2010" whether it be life changing events, or top ten posts.  For our family newsletter this year, we each shared our "Top Five". I listed normal boring things like celebrating my 20th anniversary, going to Hawaii, blah, blah, blah.  But here it is.  The real "Top Ten of 2010".  Things that made me happy, sad and somewhat perplexed.

1. Gaining 20 lbs this year but only going up ONE pant size!
2. Growing my hair out for a couple of years and then whacking it off for no apparent reason. 
3.  Actually being diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands, thus having proof of my dedication to blogging and my iPhone. 
4.  Finding Sees Candy under my bed that was supposed to go in Christmas stockings and eating it all myself. 
5. Finishing 3 seasons of Veronica Mars on Netflix because I am 12. 
6.Also watched all 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls for the 5th time.
7. Have our house on the market for over a year, pack, rent storage unit, pretend we were moving, take house off market, not move, unload storage unit, have garage full of boxes. 
8. Pay for gym membership and be more out of shape at end of year than ever before. 
9. Have my eye sight deteriorate at an alarming rate thus causing the need for a dozen pair of reading glasses placed strategically around the house and never be able to find a pair when I need them. 
10.  Helped new friends from Nigeria get their uncle out on bail for trumped up charges.  Still waiting to get paid back. 

Here is to you and yours for a happy new year and for making it real in 2011!



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