Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Overheard at My House

Having kids ages 6 to 17 living in my house, you can guess the things heard and said within these walls are varied.  When I'm smart, I jot down a few of them...

I was recopying a list of items I needed and making a grocery list.
Sassy (age 15)- Why are you writing those down again?
Me- I write them in the order I find them in at the grocery store.  I know where everything is in the store and this makes it easier to shop.
Sassy-That's sad.
Me- No it's smart.  This is the way my mom did it and now so do I.
Sassy-No, it's not the list that's sad, it's that you know where everything is.
(Yes.  Yes it is.)

6 yr old JerBear and 8 yr old Coltito were looking at my toes  I thought they were admiring my pedicure.
JerBear to his brother-  Dude, look at this toe.  It's sooooo long!
(Is this what they were seeing?)


17 yr. old Man/Boy was wondering why we show so much concern for breast cancer awareness.
Man/Boy- Why don't we have testicular cancer awareness?
Me- What color would represent it?  Blue?
Man/Boy-  Yes.  And the symbol could be the same for breast cancer, except upside down.
Me-(laughed out loud)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Testicular Cancer Awareness Ribbon. You're welcome.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Apparently I've been busy...

I erroneously thought that after I sent my last kid off to school full time this fall my life would be my own.  I would become master of the blogging universe and think  deep thoughts and share them with you all. Well my thoughts are not any deeper and my time alone goes way too fast.  As all of my faithful readers may have noticed, I have not been prolific at all.  I can't seem to write, read or comment.  So what have I been doing with my time?  I am glad you asked...
...celebrating  my babies 6th birthday by adding a new critter to our house and making monster cupcakes.  
Yes I am crazy but that smile is worth it. 

...looking after, worrying about and cleaning up after the Duck family that lives on our block. 

...being campaign strategist for my 8th graders presidential attempt.  
(we lost the vote but it builds character, right?)
...going on a go-cart date with my hubby because I look awesome in a helmet.  
He lapped me three times.  Slow and steady does  not win a go-cart race.  

...collecting Madame Alexander Happy Meal Dolls from my own personal 
McDonalds customer service representative.

...getting stopped by more than one stranger telling me they love my purse.  And feeling just a bit snobbish when I say "thank you. I got in NYC."
 ...getting all my hairs cut. It now takes 5 mins to blow dry instead of 20.  Growing it out and cutting it off is a hobby of mine.  (I am horrible at the self-portrait).

You may add to that list... doing laundry, carpooling, field trips, cub scouts, cooking and cleaning.  You know, the usual.



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