Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BIG Plans

I have BIG plans this year.  I love having plans,  making plans, anticipating them.  It is much more fun than actually following through on them.  I have entrapped my husband in a few of  my wanna-be-plans in hopes he would help with the follow through aspects of my plan making.  And I did it in the form of a gift giving. 

For Christmas he got two of my plans wrapped with a bow. 

1.  Ballroom Dance lessons.  I have always wanted to dance with my husband. Not just our form of bad 80's dancing.  Ever since I took ballroom dance in college and read the the teachers notes "nice hip action" on my Cha Cha, I have wanted to really learn to dance with my hubby.  And I want to wear an outfit like on Dancing with the Stars. 

2. Boot Camp.  No, I did not enlist us in the army.  Though some days I would like to .  Boot Camp is an extreme form of exercise classes, early in the morning.  "Exercise" and "early" are both four letter words to me.  BUT I thought if I had a partner like my it would less painful FUN!  My husband still has yet to redeem this gift. I know he is speechless with excitement.

And just for myself this year...

3. Bikram Yoga.  You know, hot yoga.  Not hot as you, "you look hot in those yoga pants"  but hot as in 110 degree room to stretch your body into positions it should not be in.  Yes, in Las Vegas in the summer time it could be done outside but it is in a small room of sweaty folks.  I am guessing they are all sweaty.  I have not actually been yet.  I wear yoga pants everyday but they have never seen a day of yoga.  I have heard there is vomiting in this class so I am really looking forward to it.
I really hope this guy is in my class!

So I will let you all know in a month or so how my BIG plans are going...or not going!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today is My Yesterday

Yesterday it was supposed to be quiet.  I was supposed to pack lunches and take 3 noisy boys to school. I was supposed to be alone for the the first time in two weeks.  Yesterday, school was supposed to start.  I was supposed to take down Christmas while sipping hot chocolate.  I was supposed to eat ice-cream out of the container without anyone knowing.  Yesterday I was not supposed to break up any fights over who was giving who the stink eye.  I was supposed to run errands without anyone asking me where I was going or when will I be back.  Yesterday I was supposed to have the computer to myself without waiting for someone to finish a game.  The house was supposed to get cleaned and stay that way.  I was supposed to be able to sit down and watch "Mommy" shows without  disturbance.

Yesterday it was not supposed to snow.  My kids were not supposed to be home putting snowballs in the freezer.  School was not supposed to be cancelled.  Moms were supposed to handle their "baby desert rat" selves and not get skittish over one inch of snow.  

But, it is now today and my yesterday can begin.



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