Monday, February 14, 2011

Queen of Hearts

So much for  blogging more in 2011.  Oh well, you all will just appreciate me more when I do write. Right?

It has already been a busy hearts day around here.  I tend to sleep very restlessly when I know I have a lot to do in the morning.  So when at 10pm last night my son informed me of the 2 dozen rice crispy treats he had to have at school today, I knew my sleep would be short.  I arose 45 min. early, put on my Valentine shirt to make a run to the store, when I caught my cupid downstairs, just coming in from HIS early morning run to the store for flowers and chocolates.  Oh, so sweet.  Though the grocery store brand are not my favorite, I never met a man carrying chocolates that I did not like.  And they will get eaten. Every last one.

After kisses I went on my errand in my purple velor jogging suit, when I saw a very familiar profile leaving the store.  It was my dad, carrying what looked to be flowers and chocolates.  Hopefully for my mom.  After yelling across the parking lot towards what I hoped was his good ear, he heard me.  So I got another hug and kiss from a man carrying valentines.  Is this what I'm missing in the early mornings?

I came home with my marshmallows and cereal for treats when I noticed the teenagers car still home.  Hmmmm.  It should have been gone, at least an hour ago.  I went upstairs and  woke two sleeping high schoolers who had 15 min to make it to their first class.  Let's just say it did not happen.

As I  made Rice Crispy treats and five lunches, the kids discovered their Valentines on the table.

The 15 yr old observed that there was only candy and they usually got stuffed animals too.
Thanks for noticing.  You're welcome.  She got a little extra spit in her sandwich.

Treats were individually bagged and kids and valentines delivered to school.

Back at home my Valentines Day Laundry awaits as well as another trip or two to the store for the 3rd grade Valentines party.

I wish I had time to sit and eat my chocolates but there is no rest for the Queen of Hearts.



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