About Me

I am the wife of one and the mother of six.  I survive my days and nights with chocolate, time outs (for myself) and the right dose of reality TV.  I survive my anxiety and depression with medication and good friends.    I like to write about what I have learned and what I'm still learning about the art of parenting and wifery.   I drink way to much Diet Dr Pepper and like to sleep in.  Being a mom and a wife have not come easy to me and after 26 yrs. I still often bemoan my duties.  I used to be naturally thin, then I turned 40.  And now, the struggle to find the waistline is real.  I yearn for gandbabies but have yet to marry off a kid.  A grand-kitty, which I'm allergic to is all I've got.  If you can relate to any of this, please stay awhile.
Committed until were committed, 


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