Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And then there was one

No I am not talking about Roberto. who the Bachelorette Ali chose tonight (though I have decided to start calling my husband, Roberto instead of Robert).  It was a good ending to a fun season of the Bachelorette though Ali's hair never quite found it's groove.  I digress.

My heart is aching tonight for a mother in my neighborhood.  She laid her eggs in the bushes of our neighbor across the street.  These hedges have been the incubating spot for many a duck family over the last couple of years.  We have seen many ducklings grow up on our street, which is in walking distance to the lake.  They are the neighborhood pets.  They are watched over and protected as much as possible.

Last spring there was this mommy of about 12 ducklings.  I  think she was vying for her own reality show with that big flock.  They wandered the streets in all their cuteness and spurt their poop in all its grossness. Eventually they go to the lake and stay.

So the new mommy emerged at the end of last week with five little ducklings, barely taller than a blade of grass.  Our whole family was so excited and went outside at every sighting (okay maybe the 16 yr old man/boy was not as excited as the rest of us).

On Sunday afternoon, pulling up to our house, Mommy Duck was walking them across the street, all FIVE.  On Sunday evening she was camping out on our front sidewalk, babies gathered around, and there were only FOUR.  My hubby and I looked around and it was nowhere to be found.  I felt so sad for this mommy and wanted to throat punch the cat or dog or whatever it was that took her baby.

This afternoon we saw Mommy Duck a few doors down on someones lawn.  There were only TWO babies.  More sadness, more longing for throat punching.

Tonight as I came home from a late night of eating junk and making fun of the Bachelorette's hair, Mommy Duck was in front of my house again.  And there was ONE baby. ONE!  My heart sank.  This poor mommy had lost all  but one baby.  I wanted to  bring her inside and protect her and her duckling.  Or stand outside all night and guard them with a bat.  But as we learn from Shark Week and The Hills,  there is a circle of life.

As a mom, raising six of my own babies and wanting to keep them close and safe my heart aches for Mommy Duck.  We can't always protect our kids.  Though I know my own kids will not be eaten by a wild animal (unless camping in Yellowstone apparently), they will leave me.  They will poop all over my house and leave me, as one already has.  So I just pray I have taught them enough to not get eaten alive by the world and to call their mom every once in awhile.


P.S. This was written at 1:30 am, have no idea if it's coherent.  Going to check on Mommy Duck and go to bed.


Peggy K said...

1) So sad about the Duck family!

2) But you're right...it's a good life lesson. We can only hope that as we send our kids out into the world that we have armed them well enough to get thru life! AND to call mom occasionally!

3) Post was totally coherent!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I'm sad for momma duck too. totally coherent too.

Unknown said...

Maybe the birds grew up and flew the coop? Maybe they are out on their own making good choices and remembering everything their mama taught them.

My baby birds living in the hanging pot on my porch flew off this week.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

That is sad.
I hope she is able to raise that one duck.


TisforTonya said...

coherent, and touching! I'm gonna go check on my baby ducks too... maybe nudge them out of bed... they'll love that.

Lisa said...

Seriously? One baby left? Oh, only another mother can feel the grief that might be felt by a mommy duck. I love your "poop all over my house and then leave me" line. You're funny AND sentimental...all at once, and at 1:30 AM. Who knew?

Lisa said...

This is so sad! I guess that is just nature, though...Still very sad!

Saimi said...

Maybe mama duck is tired of raising ducklings and knows where to waddle...huh...did you ever think of that....She's like, crap another batch of babies...again...I can't do this any longer.

She needs Mama duck support group or blogging for ducks, so next year she'll be able to cope when those eggs start hatching.

foxy said...

Awwwww, that makes me sad too! Poor babies. Mama Duck is probably so sad!

Kristina P. said...

Maybe they decided to go off to college?

And I think that Ali and Britney have the same stylist.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that makes me very sad. Go protect her and her baby!

Lourie said...

Oooh! Poor mommy and her baby duckies! :( But you make a very good and yes coherent point here.

Karen Mortensen said...

That was so sad about the ducks. Poor things.
I agree with what you said at the end.

Living the Scream said...

that is so sad! I really liked this post so true.

Momza said...

Awww...I'm right there with you.
When we lived in Idaho, there was a irrigation canal by the entrance to our subdivision, and lots of duck families lived there.
We always tossed bread crumbs to them.
One afternoon, we were driving up to our entrance, and saw that the femal duck had been hit by a car, just on the edge of the road, and there stood the father duck right next to her little feathered body.
He wouldn't leave her and looked so distraught (for a duck!)...just made us all so sad.
And yes, this was as coherent as the rest of your Smiles!

Codi said...

So sad!

I'm hoping and praying that we have taught our children well enough so far. My 2nd child, I think there's still a chance...I hope! My oldest is about to be baptized next month, I'm starting to wonder if we've prepared him well enough!

Your posts are always coherent, at least to me...I guess we're on the same page!

Charlotte said...

Poor mother. Did the duckling survive the night?

MrsDixon said...

Ohhh so sad! I can't handle sad duck stories.... Ok, so, I'm working right now, reading this, and have officially burst into tears because of the sadness......darn mama-to-be hormones. Can we start a search party for those babies?

shortmama said...

That is so sad!


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