Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alone At Last

For 18 years it is the moment I have been waiting for, dreaming about and planning for. And it is not the invention of chocolate flavored vegetables, though that would be nice. I am alone, by myself, solo, unattended, unaccompanied, and apart from my loved ones for 5.5 hours, 5 days a week, except for holidays.
We recently dropped off our beautiful, talented, couldn't wait to get away from home, 18 year old daughter, at college. Dropped off meaning, unpacked her belongings, left her no car and said see you at Thanksgiving. We were all ready for the departure, especially her 14 year old sister who wants to replace her with a bunny. Though I miss her face, the seperation has helped us love each other again :) To say she is loving her independence is an understatement.
And shortly following the milestone of sending our oldest to college, we sent our baby, our unplanned bundle of little boy energy, to kindergarten. All day kindergarten. 8:30 am to 3 am. No half-days. All day, everyday, 5 days a week except for holidays. Bye-bye. Love you. Make good choices.
Yes I have had kids in pre-school and have had my moments of silence. But this new found silence is special. It is 5.5 hours of special. Friends have asked if I was sad or lonely, etc.... Should I lie? Am I supposed to be broken up? Because I am not. I will admit, the first couple of days I missed my babies face and kisses but then when he came home with all the other munchkins, I got my fill.
So am I going back to school? Getting a job? There have been inquiries to that effect. Ummmm let me think about that. A maybe to the first and a no to the second. I am happy as a clam right now. Days that I thought might me filled with naps and Lifetime movies, are not so much. I do make lists and linger my way down them. I eat what I want without questions and jump in the car without having to tell 5 kids whom should be watching whom and when I will be back. It is really quite heavenly.
So no, I won't go back to school yet, but one of these days, I will go back to bed. Because I can.

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AB said...

So jealous. 2 more years until Nash starts Kindergarten. So jealous. Enjoy your freedom...who needs more education?!


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