Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Overheard at My House

Having kids ages 6 to 17 living in my house, you can guess the things heard and said within these walls are varied.  When I'm smart, I jot down a few of them...

I was recopying a list of items I needed and making a grocery list.
Sassy (age 15)- Why are you writing those down again?
Me- I write them in the order I find them in at the grocery store.  I know where everything is in the store and this makes it easier to shop.
Sassy-That's sad.
Me- No it's smart.  This is the way my mom did it and now so do I.
Sassy-No, it's not the list that's sad, it's that you know where everything is.
(Yes.  Yes it is.)

6 yr old JerBear and 8 yr old Coltito were looking at my toes  I thought they were admiring my pedicure.
JerBear to his brother-  Dude, look at this toe.  It's sooooo long!
(Is this what they were seeing?)


17 yr. old Man/Boy was wondering why we show so much concern for breast cancer awareness.
Man/Boy- Why don't we have testicular cancer awareness?
Me- What color would represent it?  Blue?
Man/Boy-  Yes.  And the symbol could be the same for breast cancer, except upside down.
Me-(laughed out loud)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Testicular Cancer Awareness Ribbon. You're welcome.


19 comments: said...

too fun, actually used to work for the Cancer Society in Canada, and the big 'mens health push' was prostate cancer, because, like breast cancer it's fairly easy to detect, prevalent and curable if caught early...

Lourie said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That's hilarious. And I totally do my list the same way. Except my store is getting a face lift. So everything will be rearranged!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! The cancer ribbon cracked me up. And I write my list in aisle order, too! It sure saves me time and not having to run back across the store!!

Kristina P. said...

Ok, that is one freaky toe.

Love the ribbon. Apparently, the cervical cancer ribbon is blue. Excellent.

CB said...

I love the way you photoshopped your freaky toe - ha ha!

I do the exact same thing with my grocery list - It is kind of sad that we go to the store so often that we know what is on each isle but at the same time bring on Jeopardy!!

The upside down blue ribbon for Testicular Cancer Awareness is not only hilarious but it is actually Genius!! He should send that idea out...seriously!

gigi said...

Blue for Testicular Cancer Awareness is AWESOME, cool!

Betsy said...

My husband has been known to muse about the need for a testicular cancer ribbon before as well. He often thought that brown would do it, but I like the blue. =)

Karen Mortensen said...

Oh my.

Lisa said...

I feel as though I have been flipped off by your TOE. Thanks! ;)

Unknown said...

Oh Linda. THank you.

Also, you have nice feet.

Vanessa said...

You and Photoshop now have a bonding experience... I love the things my kids say already can't wait till they open their mouth when they are teens... My second toes is longer too, I wonder if they have surgery???

shortmama said...

That toe freaks me out!!!

That is one awesome ribbon!

Charlotte said...

How did you get a picture of my foot?

I like to order my list by how I find it in the store, too. My grocery store remodeled last year and moved everything around and it still irritates me every time I go into it. Even though I now know where everything has been moved to.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

What to say to this post...what to say??? :)

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Thanks for the new ribbon I can wear!
HOLY PAP SMEAR! (name that were there)

Uh, your toe looks like it's flipping me off. What's with that.

Cheeseboy said...

So much funny in this post.

I am all for testicular cancer awareness. I'll sign up for the 5k. I'll even wear a tee shirt.

Jessica G. said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH! I nearly choked on my soda...that is too funny!

Anonymous said...

fuck no that is not what they saw. every1 can see that u edited the photo to make that toe look longer--fucking fake as fuck, idiot

Anonymous said...

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