Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yesterday as I was driving my kids home from school and listening to "The Bee Movie" for the umpteenth time I realized that I had never actually seen the movie. I listen to movies almost daily in my car as I chauffeur my kids around but a lot of their movies I just have not sit down to watch. Unfortunately most of my families movie time is in the car. And since I am usually the one driving, I have decided it is safer for most of us if I don't watch (though my husband thinks he has mastered the watch and drive, which I clarify here, HE HAS NOT!). When we first got the big mormon family suburban with the DVD player I was planning to not let my kids watch movies unless we were traveling. That seems funny to me now. I have justified that since I drive to and from my kids school which is 15 min away, which is a 30 min round trip, which is usually twice a day, five days a week, 9 months a year for the last five years. If my calculations are correct that is 180 hours a year. That is the equivalent of a few round trips to New York and back. And that is not counting the trips to lessons, the church a few times a week etc... I think with that kind of driving time, me the driver deserves to have her passengers entertained.

At first we had earphones for the kids and I got the radio. Well the kids quickly displayed they were stronger than the earphones and they went to broken electronics heaven. So now I get the earphones to my IPOD and portable radio while my kids get "Enchanted" in stereo. You know it is bad when the 4 year old can't go on a 5 min drive to the store without wanting to watch something. And sometimes I let him. Remember when drive in movies were such a fun outing? The novelty of sitting in you car and watching a movie and listening to it on really bad speakers? Well in my car it is no longer a novelty but a necessity for this mom's sanity.

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Lisa said...

Hey Linda! I just saw your blog listed on your FB page.

My kids haven't figured out that they could watch movies as we drive around town. Instead the DS is alaways with them which drives me nuts. A 5 minute drive to the store? DS. A quick drive to the mall? The DS. It's really Amanda. She can't sit without entertainment for any length of time.

Since we drive forever to get to dance (yes, 30 minutes is forever), there is a lot of homework going on, too.

I guess I shouldn't complain. I still get the radio.


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