Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Vance Zone

A couple of weeks ago we took the entire family to the Circus Circus Adventuredome for Jared's 4th birthday.  It is fun, loud place with lots of rides for the big and little.  We rarely get to spend an entire day together as a family and the question before we do anything like this is "is Daddy  coming?".  Yes Daddy is coming.  We were enjoying a fun, uncrowded day and didn't even mind the rides closed for barf clean-up (we were glad that they took time to do that).  Robert and kids enjoyed  making faces for the camera on the roller coaster and all was well with the world.  Then we hit the bumper cars.
 The whole family piled in the cars, the little boys having to ride with their parents. Jared with Dad, and Colton with Mom.  We were all zooming around at a good pace when Robert,  turned Mario Andretti, hit Linda and Colton in the side at break-neck speed.  Colton's glassed went flying off his face and onto the ground into the line of traffic.  Luckily the sharp eyed guy at the control box saw the glasses flying and stopped all the cars.  He retrieved the glasses for us and they were once again sitting crookedly on Colton's face.  That was stop #1.  We were once again driving around when the cars came to a stop.  I see Jared crying and being carried.  Robert had hit Makenzie's car very hard (do we see a common element here) and Jared bit his tongue.  Because someone was hurt, everyone had to exit, the manager, security and maintenance were called.  Robert had to sign a statement and the cars were at a stand still for about 10 mins. Meanwhile Jared is sucking on a popsicle with a bloody tongue.  The rest of the day proceeded without incident but I think the Vance's are officially band from the Adventurdome Bumper Cars.


The Anthony Family said...

Can't he find somewhere else to take out his aggression? Like a puching bag at the gym.

Jordan and Jodi said...

My husband and I just laughed and laughed the way you can tell a story--you totally draw the person in and add climatization (is that word) to it! Thanks!


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