Thursday, January 22, 2009

House Callls

Last weekend I got to stay in bed for 2 days. Not the fun kind of staying in bed either. I had a "tummy ache". I will spare you the gory details. It was not pretty. So I let my husband sleep through my first night of travail and in the morning he found he had his first patient of the day next to him in bed.
Now, I am not going to lie. Living with a doctor does have its benefits. And my doctor does have a great bedside manner. Within minutes I had all the necessary "anti-tummy-ache" drugs at my fingertips to combat my sick germs. And then, because I also sleep with this man I had the added benefit of him taking care of my kids all weekend and letting me sleep. Ahhhh......
So you see, I know how to take advantage of having a doctor that makes house calls. My kids on the other hand do not. There was something wired into my kid's brain's at birth that tells them mom can fix everything. It doesn't matter if we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on dad's education. It doesn't matter that people pay money to see their dad, for problems way more serious than their paper cut. It doesn't matter that a doctor with years of training and test taking is sitting right next to me when they say "mom, it hurts when I do this." My response, "talk to the hand, you're talking to the wrong parent."
Yes it should be flattering and part of the joys of motherhood when your kids still think you know everything. And since I now have 3 teenagers in the house, I so wish that was still the case. But when it comes to medical matters, I don't want to know anything. I paid the best years of my life supporting a husband in his dreams, so I would not have to know anything.

So they had better figure out they have a doctor that makes house calls, before they bleed to death from their paper cut.

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AB said...

Hmmm...I can't think of a situation in which I can use this excuse for my kids to go to their dad. Not a lot security breaches in their lives. I'm a little jealous!


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