Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Low Lying Stars

So at the beginning of every year, like a lot of other people, we sit down with our family and set goals.  First we look at last years goals and see what we accomplished.  Last year the goals were everything from. learning to go on the potty (done...YEA!) to getting straight A"S (also done!).  I looked at mine and realized I had not completed one thing!  I started out with good intentions but lost steam about January 2 I believe.  I did not run a marathon or get 6 pack abs.  I did not read the unabridged version of  Les Miserable.  I did not save $20,000 in a high yield money market account or organize my craft closet. 
So when my husband asked what I was  going to shoot for this year, I said "the same old crap."  So this year I am going to be more realistic.   Like if the kids are alive and healthy at the end of the year, that is one down.  If my husband did not leave me because of my extreme moodiness, that is another mission accomplished.  If drive by the gym, 2 times a week, working up to 3, then I am getting closer.  And if I finish one Readers Digest cover to cover, then I am on my way!
 So as the kids set their goals of getting into collage this year, getting an Eagle Scout award and learning to write the alphabet, I will be satisfied reaching my low lying stars.


AB said...

You always crack me up...and now I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who thinks that keeping her kids alive is a good goal.

Angie said...

I love that Linda! I need to now re-think my '09 goals. Yours seem a bit more do-able!

Jordan and Jodi said...

Oh my gosh...you make me laugh SO HARD! I agree with 'Angie B' about re-thinking my goals I've set! I loved the part about driving past the gym! SO TRUE! :)


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