Saturday, January 30, 2010

Joys of Boys

(Don't read this if you know the difference between lay, lie, lye, lain, laid etc... because I don't)

I woke up slow this morning.  One of those nice Saturday mornings where you get to lay in bed and not hurry anywhere.  Then I look at the fabric that lays in swooshes over my bed.  Laying inside one of the swooshes was a small whoopie cushion.  Yes, a whoopie cushion.  The sad thing is, it does not shock me.  Having 5 boys in the house (yes, I include my husband in that) makes for weird things in weird places.  When Jared came in for his morning hug I pointed out the whoopie cushion.  "oh, that's where I hid it."

I finally make it downstairs to the pantry for my morning cereal.  On the shelf amongst the Cheerios, and Kix is a large rattlesnake, with a rattler and fangs.  It was of the plastic variety but it is a snake none the less.

Sigh. I love my boys.

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the southern hostess said...

Your blog is lovely! Glad I found you.


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