Monday, February 1, 2010

Just 30 hrs...

That is all it takes to renew this mom.  Just 30 hrs, with my husband, away from home, kids, dishes, dogs, laundry, whining, bills, cooking... (you get the picture)  Even if nine of those hourrs were spent in the car driving to LA and back.   They were good hours.  Quiet hours.  Relaxing hours.  Sleeping hours. Reading hours. Hot tub hours. Movie hours. Breakfast buffet hours.  Ahhhhh.

The key to being able to relax  while away from home is this....  Don't call home.  Leaving a 16 year old in charge for 30 hours could be scary.  But, what I didn't know, did not hurt me.  I did not want to know who was fighting with who, where the dog pooped, or  who was eating cake for breakfast.  Texting is a great form of communication for during quick get-aways.  Short, quick, questions and answers fulfilled my need to know.

How is it going?

You get Tanner to his soccer game?

You go get pizza?

Time for the boys bath.

You make it to church?

You at Grandma's?

And with that, I was completetly satisfied.  My renewing hours could remain renewing.

Where should I go this weekend?

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