Thursday, February 4, 2010

100 times...

Today my kids celebrate (lament) their 100th day of school.  So usually the younger classes do something to commemorate this day, like bringing in 100 of something.  Colton's 2nd grade class were all supposed to bring in 100 pieces of cereal and then they are going to combine them all to make the greatest monster bowl of cereal of all time.  So when I awoke he had already counted and bagged his choice of cereal, Rice Krispies.  This probably would not have been my first choice.  Have you ever actually seen 100 pieces of Rice Krispies counted out and in a baggie? 100 pieces equals roughly a teaspoon.  One teaspoon of cereal.  Any kid could fit about 300 pieces of this cereal in his mouth at once.  Who knew?... Let us hope the rest of the class brings some shredded wheat or they are going to be hungry.

So when driving the kids to school today I thought "wow, I feel like I have done this 100 times."
Then I got to thinking (yes that is a lot of thinking before 8:30am)... What I have I done 100 times this school year?  Not a glamorous look into the past...

100 times I have set my alarm for 7:00 am knowing that I would hit the snooze until 7:20.

100  times I have have had to make someone a lunch and find something that resembles one of the four food groups to put in it.

100 times I have asked Jared and Colton where their glasses are only to get blank looks on their glassless faces.

100 times I have told the boys they can't wear the same socks two (or three, if it got past me on day two) days in a row.

100 times I have had to slick down cow licks, rooster tails and any other little boy morning hair disasters named after  farm animals.

100 times I have stopped at the same red light.

100 times I  have hid in my car at the kids school, under my sunglasses, uncombed hair and stained sweats hoping no one will see me.

100  times I have prayed for no phone call from the school office about one of my angels not being angelic.

100 times I have come home and thought, I should go to the gym, and then facebooked the feeling away.

100 times at 3:30 pm I have greeted my tired, dirty faced, happy boys with hugs and kisses and breathed in their little boys smells and said "how was  your day?"

And I will do it all (at least) 100 more times.  And 100 more times I will be truly blessed.


Bo Landsem said...

Wow... that was REALLY GREAT! Glad I stopped in.

Ashley said...

I can't wait till that is my life.

AB said...

100 times....this year. Let's not add the years together.

Swirl Girl said...

I totally know what you mean!

100 days of school already? My kindergartener has perfect attendance. Mom? Not so much.


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