Friday, February 12, 2010

Chocolate Justification

I always love it when I feel justified in my weaknesses.  So when I read this morning about a new study that says eating chocolate lowers the chances of a stroke, I was so happy that I popped another Kiss in my mouth and washed it down with a peanut butter cup.  So if a chocolate a day keeps the doctor away then 5 or 6  (or more) should make me Wonder Woman.

Chocolate and I go way back.  My earliest memories with my mom are in the kitchen making our favorite desserts; Chocolate Upside Down cake (which has been crassly referred to as Better Than Sex cake, but the jury is still out on that for me), No Bake cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies, and our yearly chocolate Christmas candies.  I think I sense a theme here.  I have never met a chocolate I didn't like.  But then I met my husband.

The first time he came to my apartment I lovingly offered him some homemade Chocolate Chip cookies.  Because that is what a college girl did to woo a college guy, without being too forward.  And what should have been a big red -flag, but I just thought was odd, was when he politely said no thank you.  Who refuses cookies?  Turns out he was living a very healthy lifestyle at the time.  A lifestyle I did not know existed until then. But I guess it did not bother either one of us enough to keep from falling in love.  I have since turned him to the Dark Side, of chocolate that is! But it has been a tall and hard mountain of tofu to climb.

When we were first married and I so desperately wanted to please, I would buy candy bars on campus, devour, and destroy the evidence.  Or so I thought.  More than once he found wrappers in my pockets.  I felt like a little kid getting caught.  One day, when I was truly desperate I did something that today makes my even my chocolate tooth cringe.  I was several months pregnant and could not deny myself any longer.  While my husband was at school I baked a Chocolate Upside Down cake, ate half of it, then dumped the rest.  I washed everything up and he never knew.  What a chocoholic won't do.

I do not try to hide it anymore.  In fact, I am pretty blatant about it.  Ther is chocolate hidden in tall cupboards and sock drawers that everyone knows about.  Like air, my iPhone and Gilmore Girls, I have to have it everyday.  And the hubby does not say a word.  He knows it keeps me from teetering of that precarious edge I tend to hang around.  It is cheaper than therapy and now prevents strokes.

Now if I found out that shopping at Target prevents cancer,  Facebook prevents Alzheimers, and yelling at my kids burns calories,  I am all set.


claudia b said...

This is an awesome post - long live chocolate! and long live us to enjoy it!

AB said...

Good studies all! Looks like I can expect a long, happy life, too.

Anonymous said...

haha love this post. :)

Raymonde said...

You are funny!
Personally I could live in a world without chocolate, but I have other addictions!!! not harmful ones! to wool and knitting for instance...
By the way Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!
Happy blogging!
Your visit would be great!

Encore Bride said...

I love it, I just my Valentine's Day care package, inside was a lot of chocolate but just not any will do, he knows I love German chocolate, there were 10 lovely Ritter Sport chocolate bars (big squares really). I cannot say I much I love him! Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Unknown said...

I like this! What a great reason to eat more chocolate! :D

The Anthony Family said...

Let's go get a box of chocolates at See's and go see a movie....I feel better just pretending that we are really going to go do it. I feel so far away right now.... :( Miss you


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