Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cold Cereal

The other day I declared myself the best mom in the world in my facebook status.  A bold statement? Yes.  But I have the cereal boxes to back it up.

I was planning the shopping list and meals for the week and asked my 16 year old man-boy, what he would like to eat that week.  He said he wanted a cold cereal bar.  My hankering for Fruit Loops thought that was a great idea.  You see "sweet" cereals are a treat in our house.  They are not an everyday occurrance.  They are for special occasions  like  Valentines Day, Birthdays and Mom's hormonal mood swings.  We often have pancakes and eggs for dinner, but not cereal.  It's expensive stuff and who can afford it such a luxury for two meals a day?  So I decided to give the people what they want.

I went for not one or two but three different cereal choices for our "cereal buffet".  The selections were   Lucky Charms, Capn' Cruch Berries (got to have the berries) and of course Fruit Loops.  And to add to my  children's joy, I bought real milk, the kind that comes from real cows.  It is also a luxury in our house.  Because of allergies and asthma in our house we live on diet of rice milk.  The kids are used to it but would much rather have the milk that previously "mooed."

So to make this meal look semi-nutritious I cut up some oranges, that remained untouched, but kept my mother guilt at bay.  I also added some muffins, which we all know are just bald cupcakes, but with blueberries in them they pretend to be healthy.

And thus the Cold Cereal Buffet was born at my house.  It was a big hit.    So besides pizza, I found one more meal that the entire family, ages 46 to 5, enjoy.

Bon Appetit!


Stephanie said...

bald cupckaes are the best!

Meredith said...

i have always wanted to have this on Christmas morning. with fancy place settings ad the works. cereal was a serious luxury growing up so i thought that it would be awesome. then i got married and we eat it all the time. sad.


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