Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Monday,

Well Monday, you knew how I felt about the weekend and it's like you didn't even try.  No, you did not have much of a shot with two Dr.'s appts. and loads and loads of laundry.  I will give this to you, my hubby came home for lunch.  Just us two, and three dogs.  It was very nice.  But then he said we should go to the gym together later. 

Oh that would be great honey.  (while inside I was thinking I would rather stay home and eat chocolate)

I will now prepare for the onslaught of kids in the next hour.

Where are my Cherry Cordial Kisses?


Chelle said...

Yeah Monday didn't listen to me either. Thankfully though it didn't stand in my way of tackling the laundry battle like it normally does.

Stopping by from SITS

AB said...

Monday. Nasty bitter little day. Just jealous because he didn't get invited to the party.


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