Monday, August 9, 2010

My First Giveaway!!!!!

It is time to celebrate!  I am celebrating my 100th post as a blogger.  I wanted this post to be my 100th but it is actually my 101st.  Whatever.  I started blogging in 2008.  I think I wrote four posts that year and four in 2009.  So at least 90 of my posts have been written this year.  It was the 43 years of pent up angst and rants that could no longer wait to get out! My family now wears t-shirts that say "blog fodder" because they know their place.  I started blogging becasue I love writing but had no idea of the world I was entering.  The friends I have made have been a priceless bonus.  So this giveaway is for my bloggy friends and loyal readers and commenters.

There is nothing I like more than shopping online. Being able to spend money while still in my underwear is a gift of living in the internet age.  Since having 8 people live in my house makes it sometimes smelly and not pretty, I like add pretty things like quilts, pillows and someday, these awesome upholstered headboards!


Let's face it folks, a soft headboard is easier on the love life (sorry Dad, but it's true).  But these are only a fraction of the things CSN Stores has in its over 200 stores.  So for my lovelies we are giving away a 

$50 gift certificate that can be used at any CSN store.  

 I am going to make this easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy.  All you have to do is leave a comment.  That's it. Of course those comments that say great things about me may get extra consideration. And if you wanted to join my Facebook group you can.  And if you became a faithful reader and follower of my blog, that would be super. And if you wanted to twitter about it I would love you forever.  But all you have to do is leave a comment because I am easy like that.  Just ask my husband.  

*this giveaway is only open to residents of the US and Canada. 

*this contest will be open until August 15, 2010, midnight, Pacific Coast Time.  A winner will announced on Monday August 16.  Good Luck.  



Saimi said...

Congratulations you little blogger you! Looking forward to the next 101.

Annette Lyon said...

Yay on 100 posts! Congratulations! I'll tweek it just because of your awesomeness.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yay for you! And yay for me if I win! :) We all love you and your antics! Here's to the next 100 posts!

Cluttered Brain said...

oh what the heck!
a 50 dollar gift card isn't too shabby now...

Congrats on 100 more new bloggy posts!!
Love ya babe!

This comment counts as like 100 entries because I have actually met U IRL and had lunch with you right?
Uh-huh, i thought so.

PBBBT! Love you.

Cluttered Brain said...

Heck yeah! i even tweeted your giveaway post out to the masses!
Right? :)

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

Congratulations on 100 Posts, Linda! And yay for getting a CSN Giveaway on your blog :) I am so glad I found you- I have a couple of blogs that I get truly excited about when I see that they've updated- & yours is one of them (this is not an attempt to get on your good side for the giveaway- just the truth ;)

Karen Mortensen said...

That's a lot of posts. Keep up the good work.

foxy said...

SUH-WEET! I love an awesome giveaway!! Cheers to you on reaching 100(+1) posts!!

Sara said...

Congrats on the 101 posts! Im at 84 as of today. Long way to go still before I hit 100. You do a great job on here. keep up the great work!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Congrats on 101 posts! Keep it up! I've had a lot, but not near your popularity! Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! congrats on post number 100!

i did not know you were on twitter...i am now off to follow you there too! ;)

i hope i win. i hope i win. i hope i win.

Alisha Jaybird said...

Congrats on 101 posts! :) Keep it up! You always make me laugh. I still laugh about you worrying about the old man farting in the theater and the flashing of the remodel guys.

Chas Hathaway said...

Ooh, ooh, pick me!


Ashley said...

Woohoo for 100 posts! You know I would like to be considered for his since I'm a poor married college student ;)

Love you!!!

Ian Carter said...

I rarely post comments, but something about your blog makes me do it (still rarely). But i am a sucker for free stuff, even though I rarely win (even rarer than i comment on blogs). Um- how many times can i say rare in a comment? do i win something for that?

Comments or not, i always read your blog. It is funny and even better since i know all of the "blog fodder".

100 of Anything that takes extra time and dedication when you already have a super crazy life is impressive. I am impressed!

And I am feeling lucky (unless there is one of those crazy clauses that says you can not enter this contest if you are related to anyone who works for see mom smile, or some crap like that. Then i am going to send someone who is realted to you to TP your house. M&B need an outing!)

Nick said...

I'm glad you didn't say anything about family not being eligible for the give way. So who is your favorite brother.

Nick said...

I'm glad you didn't say anything about family not being eligible for the give way. So who is your favorite brother.

TisforTonya said...

So fun - congrats on being a triple digit blogger :)

Kate @ This American Wife said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Keep on truckin'!

Living the Scream said...

Congrats! Your blog is always so fun to read, and so real!! What a cool giveaway!

Cheeseboy said...

You could very well be the greatest blogger in the entire blogosphere. No, I am just going to say it... you are the greatest blogger in the blogosphere.

Linda Sahagun said...

I'm pretty sure your talent for writing started with notes we passed back and forth in school. I've been reading your "blogs" long before you became famous. I'm a #1 fan of your blogs!

AB said...

Congratulations on 101! I'll still be here when you hit 1001. <3

I have no idea what CSN is, but I'm always up for spending free money.

Lourie said...

Pick me soul sister! ;) Congrats on number 100! Woot!

Vanessa said...

Wow... 100... That's like... 50 more than me, and I started back then too. Congrats. You are an awesome blogger. Love all the stories.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

You only did 4 posts your first year?
You're killin' me!
You are such a chatterbox that I'm surprised it took you awhile to start spewing!
You totally make me laugh.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Happy 100th post!

Unknown said...

Blog looks great! You are awesome!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Congratulations on #100 (or whatever #). Please count me in!

Anonymous said...

Genial post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

Unknown said...

Im in! I'm in! I'm in!

Krista said...

Who loves you the most? I do!

Jill K said...

You're easy. I'm easy.

Easy is the new black.

Allyson & Jere said...

Well way to go girl, making the big 100. It's all downhill from here. More impressively is how many followers you have, and you're just making 100. stuff equals, right up my alley.

So, feel free to gimme gimme. Just sayin.

CB said...

Well I noticed we frequent many of the same blogs so I came over to make a new friend - I love blog friends!
Looks like I hit on a great contest post. Congrats on your 100th post!!!
Looking forward to continuing to read your blog - I am your newest follower!!

Have a Happy Day :-D


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on 100 posts, that is awesome! And your headboard comment totally made me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 100 posts!!!!

rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

Cindy said...

Yay! Congratulations on your 100th post. And thank you so much for giving us the chance to win such a great giveaway. :)


Peggy K said...

See Mom Smile makes me laugh
I stop by every day.
And with her hundredth post
Comes her first giveaway
I'd truly be honored if the winner was ME.
And a big thanks to Linda for this opportunity!!

Congrats on #100!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Congrats on 100!

*sniff* You've grown froom a blog infant to a matured blog woman. I'm so proud! :D

And what's up with the russion comment there?


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