Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Open Marriage (Yep, that's what I said)

The other day I was reading Cyndi's blog , 6 Ring Circus, about a funny conversation she had with her husband about the actress Mo'Nique and her open marriage.  I did not think much about the open marriage thing until I saw her interview with Barbara Walters.  Yes, she has an open marriage.  But it sounds like it is more open on his side of the bed than hers.  But it's okay, Mo'Nique says they have been best friends for 25 years so...so what?  That kind of logic, even coming from Hollywood leaves me speechless (I said speechless not blogless). Why get married in the first place?  Why make that commitment and then not commit?   For Mr. Mo'Nique it is obviously a win-win.  He gets to fool around and then  go back home to the Oscar winning bread winner.  And for a strong woman like Mo'Nique, does she not know how degrading this is to women?  Aren't we already degraded enough by Donald Trump and thong underwear?  I think she is taking that saying, "If you love something set it free....." a little too seriously.  I think it  is supposed to pertain to butterflies or something, not to husbands.   So I guess "open marriage" means to her that she is open to a lifetime of wondering where her man is and trips to the health clinic.

Marriage is a sacred covenant.  But I am no prude and I have discovered I am open to a lot of things in my marriage.

I am open to my husband being a doctor and seeing naked body parts all day long.  As long as those parts are wrinkly, diseased, and over 60, I am good.

I am open to my husband working 12 hour days so I can stay home and blog.  I have heard there is other stuff I should be doing that I guess I'll get to eventually.

I am open to my husband doing the camping trips, science projects, and dog poop pick up while I do the clothes shopping and self beautification projects.

I am open to cooking the occasional meal as long as my husband takes me out every once in awhile to a restaurant that does not have a drive thru, playplace or any food that starts with "Mc"anything.

I am open to shaving my legs and armpits if he plucks his nose and ear hairs.

I am open to being the family chauffer as long as he is open to me hitting his car (yea true story).

I am open to my husband wearing his rock concert t-shirts as long I am allowed to wear my baggy sweats,  ponytail and Edward Cullen t-shirt.

I am open to texting emoticons back and forth all day.

I am open to my husband smelling really good and still giving my heart a pitter-patter when I kiss his neck.

I am open to crawling into bed every night with the same man, for another 20 years, as long it is a king size bed and he knows when to stay on his side and when to cross the line :)

What are you open to?


Lourie said...

I love the bed comment. hahaha. I would love a CA King mostly because we are both very tall.

I am open to letting him play pointless games(World of War Craft) as long as he gives me control of the TV

I am open to handling the homework if he puts the boy to bed

But you are right, the openess of a marriage should not be who we share our bed with on any given day.

heather@actingbalanced.com said...

have to agree with you about the open marriage thing... I'm open to a lot too... and we both make sacrifices to be where we are... stopping by from SITS

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

Just read the comment you left on my blog- where did you serve your mission?

Evelyn said...

Hilarious post! This morning I am finding out I am open to getting into an argument if I get a mopped floor as an apology. Yesssss!

Makenzie Vance said...

I'm open to never hearing my parents bed life EVER again...

Love, me.

Saimi said...

I'm open to my husband taking his Mt. Bike and going on a guy trip as long as I get to vaca with my sister.

I'm open to him paying the bills while I get to shop.

I'm open to letting him sweep and vacuum the floors (he likes to make straight lines in the carpet)
It's what he likes to do, and I'm good with that!

I'm open to his silly Beagle as long as he doesn't sleep with us, and we do have a KS bed.

My husband is the only man I want to wake up to every morning and snuggle with every night!

Mo'Nique go ahead and have your open marrige, you just don't know what you are missing!

Tio Rob said...

I'm open to keeping my nose & ear hair rituals secret.

Julia said...

I cant help but feel like its one of those dont ask dont tell. Like she just tried to not think about it. She says that they are real people with real expectations. HELLO! I think of my self as a down to earth kind of girl and I also think that we dont have expectations from our men than what to they have to rise to. I like the idea of growing and progressing with my husband and hope that we bring out the best in each other. And not lowering our standards and expectations so that we can play pretend.

Great post!
Visiting from SITS

Unknown said...

I love this post. I love you!

Jessica said...

Great post...I have a lot of the same ideas of what I'm open to.

Krista said...

Ok - reading your comment - you're and RM, too?! How cool is that! I went to the England, London mission. I'm almost ready to post it on my "other blog." So glad to have a new friend!

FiFi said...

I'll take the cookies! I loved the pink swimsuit but...er...yeah. Butt. That's my problem. More cookies, though.

Codi said...

I love the bed-crossing-the-line comment.

I am open to him sleeping in, it gives me more computer time!

Unknown said...

Really we put up with a lot (good and bad) who needs to add a "Get out of the Marriage for Free" card to the mix? Mo'Nique is as crazy as that apostrophe plunked down in the middle of her name. And hey, thanks for the shout-out! :o)


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