Friday, March 12, 2010

T.G.I.F.A.I.H.C. (Thank Goodness It's Friday and I have Chocolate)

Friday  Round-Up

I know some of you have probably been losing sleep wondering about my aforementioned rat problem. Well, he is still living fat and happy and somewhere in my house.  Just because you buy a $30 humane trap and load it with his foods of choice, does not mean he will come. The movie Field of Dreams has lead us all astray.  And he is still there. I know it.  I can feel it.  He had his chance.  I tried being nice, but no more.  We are going for the less humane option.  The kids will have to get over it.  We will just add it their already growing therapy bill.  So Ratzilla will soon be buried in an unmarked grave or an unmarked garbage can.  Depends on how generous I am feeling.  

In other news, my dear sweet redhead man/boy, high-jacked my blog.  He wrote something obnoxious under my Kids Quotes.  Yes, it could have been much worse. But I am the non-forgiving kind of parent and very patient.  I am just waiting for the man/boy to leave his Facebook logged in.  Then I will see what havoc I can wreak on his personal life.  He'll learn to mess with the mommy.   

My oldest baby is coming home for spring break.   I love having all my chicks under one roof.  It is a strange feeling to have one gone.  I am always counting heads and feeling like one is missing.  One less place setting at the table.  One empty bed.   She would rather be home for her spring break than anywhere else.  I am sure it is not because of the free maid service, meals, access to cars and shopping trips.  I am sure it is NOT because of that.  

So I will attend to eating my chocolate. hunting my rat, and loving my co-ed.  



MamaOtwins+1 said...

I was just saying to my best gal pal that I had run out of chocolate and TGIF, then I found your post. LOVE IT!!!

to my new follower, now I'm following you!

Saimi said...

All our kiddo's are grown, in college, and on missions so I relish when they are all home. I'll even take one, a visit to the parents = Homemade meals, laundry, and money. Empy nesting is fun, but I love it when they are around, it's right up there with chocolate!! :)

Lourie said...

Kids home....good are in big trouble!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I almost feel sorry for the rat that you're going after him hard core.

I told my husband it's date night, so he better come home with some Cadbury mini eggs or don't come home at all!

Okay not really, but close.

Reading Rosie said...

A mouse (I'm guessing it was a mouse) died in the wall of our master bathroom last November. We had to seal off the room for almost three weeks before the smell disappeared. I could gag now just thinking about it. Better to kill the rat and dispose of the body than for it to get trapped in the wall and die. Trust me on this!

AmandaWK said...

You want to borrow my female cat, Yaffa? She is a great mouser. We had mice when we first moved in our house, our land lord had mice when he lived here, too. He had those humane traps, too. Did absofrigginlutely nothing! Our cat, Yaffa got a hold of one of the mice that made its way upstairs onto the ground floor one night. I was sleeping in the family room with a bad sinus infection and I heard all this comotion coming from the living room. My husband must have heard it from his office in the basement, b/c he came flying up the stairs to see what was going on. Here he found our Yaffa in the living room with a mouse in her mouth (thank GOD she had her shots up to date). My husband said she took the mouses eye out. He took the little guy outside to the end of our driveway. We have not had mice since! I guess the word got around. ;) She is now my FAVORITE cat!

joy said...

Linda, You are so funny! Good luck with the rat. As for kids...I will be smaller in #'s soon. It's a weird thing, I agree. I'll be in Vegas next week, order some nice weather, ok? Love, Joy

Kory said...

Hi Linda, thanks for letting me know who you were when you visited my blog... I don't mind people checking it out, but when they don't tell me who they are I think, REALLY?? BUT YOU CAN SEE ALL ABOUT ME?
N-E-Way, yeah, I kinda just whipped up the bag. My goal is to be like my grandma and whatever I dream up I can sew... as you saw I'm a LONG way off that, but one day I hope. Your blog totally cracks me up and I will probably start visiting more often for the pick-me-up!
Thanks, Kory

AB said...

I'm glad I'm not a rat living in your house....and kinda wish I was your Spring Breaker.


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