Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Because I like a challenge

Okay not really.  But a blog challenge I can handle.  About 400 other ladies are tackling this challenge so I decided to join the cause.  Because I am nothing, if not follower.  So I am attempting the ProBlogger's 31 days to a better blog, along with a support group in the SITS forum over at The Blog Frog.  ( I think that is enough links for one sentence).

Now, I know what you are thinking.  My blog is already pretty fabulous.  But when you take away my good looks and pretty pink header what have you got?  I am feeling the need to define and challange myself and this seemed like a good platform.  So this is already day #3 of the challenge because most organized bloggers started on Monday.  But I wanted to make a grand entrance, so here I am.  So I will be cramming for my tests as I did over 20 years ago.  Some things never change.

Challenge #1, Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is how you can define yourself and your job/goals to someone else in a short amount of time.  Like in an elevator.  Now the only elevators I usually ride in are in casinos.  Not because of my gambling addiction but because the casinos are where the good movie theaters are located in Las Vegas.  These elevators usually smell of smoke, shame, sadness and a one-night stand.  I don't usually talk to anyone in these elevators and tell my kids to close their eyes and plug their nose.    So I will try not to take the term "elevator" pitch too literally.

When I describe myself to others I usually say, "I am a mom."   Being a mom comes with a set of given traits and habits that would immediately be understood by others, especially other moms.  And I think the same goes for bloggers.   So If I say, I am a mom and a blogger I think that would describe a lot.  But now I need more definition.  What is my blog about? Well it is about whatever I find funny or amusing that day.   It can be about finding the humor in parenting, being a mom, a wife, a daughter, sister, friend, human being or creepy person at Target.  So how do I make that sound exciting and make folks want to know more?

Here goes:

I am the mom of six who likes to find and write about the humor and every day insanity of being a woman and mom raising a family.  And I hope to help other moms feel that their life is normal.  

Okay, how boring is that?

I would say I don't want your opinion, but I guess I do.  I am open to suggestions.  But be kind or you will not be invited back.



Kristina P. said...

It seems to be lacking in nudity.

Karen Mortensen said...

I think you said it just fine.

Eileen Ludwig said...

You are a project manager of a household

shortmama said...

Sounds good to me!

Krista said...

And good at it!

Saimi said...

Kristina P. where do you come up with this stuff! HA, lacking in nudity....Well Linda I'd say you're a comedian and your audience is six kids and a million blogging friends Ok, so 123 blogging friends whatever...Maybe Vegas has an opening for you!

Lisa said...

Yeah, lacking in nudity...and also a shortage of what exactly does a one night stand and shame smell like? THAT would be a crowd pleaser.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I agree with Kristina.
Nudity and it wouldn't take you near that long!

I love you just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

That sounds great! You can add that I think you have a wonderful sense of humor. I love it. :)

Lourie said...

That's a good one. I guess Kristina missed out on your nudity post. HAHA!

Cheeseboy said...

I think your blog is pretty darned funny and swell as is, but I guess we can all improve.

I think you write about the humor and every day insanity of being a woman perfectly.

TisforTonya said...

I'm afraid my elevator pitch would have me going from the basement to the penthouse... I'm a little verbose like that :)

I should be doing this challenge... shoulda coulda woulda?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Have I asked you yet? I want you to do a guest post for me in September during my family proclamation celebration...are you game? Email me!


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