Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Your Mama's Spring Musical

The "Nine in the Afternoon" boys.  My TanMan is the far right.  

Last night was my kids spring musical.  We are fortunate enough have our 3 youngest boys in a small Christian private school.  It has been home to our pre-school through 8th graders for the last 7 years.  The “music” department has been through a lot of changes.  Our spring musical has consisted of everything from traditional choir music  to “Mice from Outer Space” (I so wish I was joking).  I had  heard rumblings that with our new music teacher this year, things were going to be different.  And those rumblings were correct. 

There were no kindergarteners dressed in spring dresses with flowers around their heads.  There was no welcoming in spring with a song about birds and honeybees.  There were no 8th grade boys in the back sulking being too cool for school.  There were 80 kids in red shirts and jeans and smiling faces. 

The music selection was straight from the top of the charts. 

The kindergarten and 1st grade sang “New Soul” by Yael Naim (a singer/songwriter from Israel and shot to the charts with the Mac commercials) My daughter and I could not takes our eyes of these 5 and 6 year olds singing their “new souls” out.

The 2nd through 6th grade sang “The Show” by Lenka  “I’m just a little bit caught in the middle…” (has been heard in Old Navy commercials and Parenthood promos).  The song was complete with choreography and enthusiasm. 

A quartet of 7th grade boys, which included my TanMan sang “Nine in the Afternoon” by Panic at the Disco.  They sported blazer’s and ties and all the pubescent coolness they could muster.  Girls were screaming and I think I saw them giving autograph’s afterwards.

Also performed by the entire student body was “Don’t Stop Believing”  by Journey and “Fireflies” by Owl City.  Yea, our school is cool like that. 

The finale was “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay (yes, Coldplay) and the Beatles “Hey Jude” with more “na, na, na, na, na, na, nas” than you could count.  The kids were having a blast and the parents were not checking their watches so they could go home and watch The Office. 

A new standard was set and I am hoping to never have to see mice from outer space again.

On a completely different but deserving note, I am the recipient of another award!  This one was from AmandaK at Blogger Towne.  This is a new blog about all things blogging.  There are great links and help available to blogging neophytes like myself.  Please go check them out. 

I was not prepapared for another award ceremony and my dress is not back from the cleaners (still trying to get Sandra’s tear stains out).  So I decided to go a different route and cover my body in tattoos.  And speaking from simply a minimalist perspective, I now have to wear less clothes.  Can’t wait for the weather to warm up.    

I would like to pass on this award to some more of my beautiful blogging friends

 Lourie at CA Girl.  She a California girl like me, except she still gets to live there and I don't.  

My Friend at Fat, Female and 40 because hey, who isn't?

Lisa at Blue and Shoe.  She is a not so reformed 80's girl like myself.  We have to stick together or Pretty in Pink will simply be a distant memory.  

Amy at I Wish I Was in Dixie.  I wish I knew where Dixie was.  But I know where her blog is so I am good.  

Saimi at Three Days a Week.  She is a preschool teacher and wrights about her little cherubs.  It makes me glad I am not a teacher and that there are women like her that are!

So I need to go add antother tat.  Have a great weekend. 



MamaOtwins+1 said...

Sounds like a great musical performance. I wish they could all be that great!
And congrats on the award!

Lourie said...

How cool is that? I hope word gets spread because that makes it fun for everyone.

Thanks for the award!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Sounds like it was awesome!!!

I went to a middle school band concert the other night for some of the young women in my ward and boy, was it ever painful!

Congrats on the blog award! Be sure to show pics of your tats! LOL!

AiringMyLaundry said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Congrats on your award.

Saimi said...

What a Rockin' fun concert!
Do they record them, cause it sounds like a keeper!!

WOW!! Thanks for the award, I must say it's my first and I haven't a thing to wear....Although I was thinking about borrowing the Lindt-Lindor chocolate dress, do you mind?

Krista said...

Sometimes those concerts can drag! My daughter is in Madrigals and I'm telling you, it's as expensive as heck! Sorry I haven't displayed your last award - I started night classes this week and work FT - man! I need more fun! Sounds like the program was great! Hey - let's get matching tats - they look great on stretch marks!

Lisa said...

Oh, LInda~you're so good to me. Just to pay you back, I'm going to have my name written up artistically and let you tattoo it on your bum. I want to do my part in helping you to cover your body in tats and not have to buy clothes out of stupid catalogues. Thanks for the link! You're awesome!

Hear Mum Roar said...

That sounds like a much better concert! I've lost count of the amount of concerts I've watched where my daughter has sat on stage, bored out of her mind, singing half heartedly. Well done to your new teacher!

Amy said...

Thank You Linda! This is my first award and I don't know hat to do!

"Dixie" is a nickname for where I live and the song is catchy. Is that enough reason to name a blog? I don't know, but it's where you can find me.

The Damsel In DisDress said...

Hey, cool blog! Found you on the MMB blog. Adding you.

AB said...

Emma is reading over my shoulder and very jealous of the music in your Spring, too.

BTW - I am slow and didn't notice the award you gave me until last week. I will be fulfilling my commitments shortly!

melissa said...

Sounds like a GREAT spring musical! I would love it if my daughter's school had them sing anything Yael Naim! It sounds like such a great time!

Fat, Female and Forty said...

Thanks for the award! You're a doll! I loved the medieval picture of someone puking. And the heroine holding his head up for who knows what reason. I would need a picture of the both of us puking if that was the case. I love your blog!


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