Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Un-Post

I just deleted something I had previously posted.  It was about sexism, double standards, blah, blah, blah.  It was just some thoughts I had rolling around in my head. I was not happy about it the second I posted it.  It did not give a good vibe.  And I am all about good vibrations, much like the Beach Boys.  I have realized today that I do not need to write about every little thing than runs through my mind.  It is a mangled mess at best and most of it, not worth blogging about.  So here are some other things you will NOT see me blog about:

- how my little boys like to wear dirty socks to bed.
- how my sons lizard died and it did not get a proper burial for days.
- how if I were in Glee I would want to play Sue Sylvester
- how we had a corn snake go missing and never found it. I simply replaced it.
- how  I creep people out at Target (oh wait, I did blog about that)
- how I like to go to the dentist just so I can sit in a massage chair.
- how I secretly keep from breathing when someone walks by whom I think may not smell good.
- how I was having a lovely "moment" with my husband when he sees something on my arm and says, "Oh is that a skin tag? I will have to burn that off."
- how I sometimes don't wash my hair for a couple of days.
- how I still secretly hope to be Miss America.
- how I really would like to sit in a snuggie all day, eat bon bons and watch soap operas

So aren't you glad to know you will never have to hear about those things?  Now if only I could just delete them from my brain.



Betsy said...

I have blogged about how I haven't washed my hair in a few MONTHS. Top that. ;)

Kristina P. said...

Wait, your dentist has a massage chair?

Krista said...

I hold my breath when people walk by, too. It's really hard here at work because of our clientelle (sp.) and if one of them shakes my hand I can't stop thinking about washing my hands. That skin tag thing - OMHeck! Why do men say things like that? "Is that a zit?" Shut up! You are so much cuter than Miss America! ;-)

Saimi said...

Been through the loss of a lizard, actually two. I've actually contemplated posting about it. It's really quite funny. I can say that now, since its been 12 years.

Lourie said...

I am glad you won't blog about those things. And I won't comment about---

1. Charging dinner cause I am too dang lazy to cook

2. Having pancakes for dinner, because it's EASY to cook

3. Using paper plates for dinner because that means no dishes.

4. Being "TV People" (eating in front of the TV) so I can play at the computer.

No I won't comment about that. ;)

Cheeseboy said...

I would totally want to read about the Sue Sylvester thing!

I would be the teacher except I don't think I could get that much product in my hair.

Lisa said...

I kind of liked your old post. I think that means my standards are lower than yours. Duh.

AB said...

How about Mrs. America? I would come and cheer for you!

Anonymous said...

Dang! I can't believe I missed your other post! You could totally be Miss America, you've got an amazing smile.

Tio Rob said...

My word verification to post was 'fistions' Now let me tell you about a special outing for me & the bros having to do with that word...oh wait, this is the remorse & repent post...nevermind. (PS-if u want the wife's deleted blog on double standards, I got a copy, just email me d('-')b

Evelyn said...

I would be Sue too!!! My fave villian so far!

shortmama said...

My oldest tried to do that with the socks! She wants to wear the socks she has been wearing all day...yuck!

Queenie Jeannie said...


It's your blog, so make it your own....garbled brain and all!!! I find it very therapeutic to let loose and put it all out there!

Charlotte said...

I was totally going to comment on that last post, too. If you had hit "edit post" and changed it over to this one (changing the title and words) and then hit publish, the old post would have disappeared in google reader, too, becoming this new post(Just FYI).

That being said, I wish I went just 2 days without washing my hair and I just posted about my kids and their socks. And I don't think I'll come visit your house till the corn snake is found. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it!

Unknown said...

Oh, girl I hear ya! And just the word 'skintag' makes me tear up and want to throw-up. Thankyou for not blogging about it. You can still be Miss America-hold on to your dreams!

Unknown said...

hahaha, I think you SHOULD wear your snuggie all day, eat bon bons and watch soap operas!! And you DESERVE to be Miss America! :D

Great post. Cracked me up!

Lisa said...

I liked your post yesterday. It was real...We shouldn't have to edit ourselves. You are fabulous.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Thank you SO much for stopping by Mormon Mommy Blogs and commenting on my article, it means a lot! Your post made me laugh...going to the dentist just to sit in the massage chair? Sounds good to me! Please stop by and say "Hi" at Cherry Blossoms {The Blog} when you get the chance!

Kiley @

AiringMyLaundry said...

You LIKE to go to the dentist?

Chair or not, I freak out at the dentist office.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Okay, so I was about to write something about your post when I read your hubby's comment and laughed so hard I forgot what I was going to write!

Karen Mortensen said...

This post explains a lot. Ha ha. I probably have worse things I could put on my list. It is good to know we are all human.

Sydney said...

I just have to say that your writing is SO stinking entertaining! Hilarious. Oh and...way to say what you think. You're awesome :)


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