Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear Weekend,

Thank you for always coming right when I need you.  Thank you for letting me start off with a Friday afternoon (okay, mid-morning) nap.  Don't know why I was so tired.  I guess that comes with being a mom and all the years of missed sleep.  It's my body saying, "remember the night of June 10, 1995 when the baby didn't sleep  all night? Well, you now get to make up for that." 

Weekend, I had a to do list for Friday, that never got done, and I realized that it was okay.  It was more important for me to take four giggling teenage girls to the movies in the afternoon.  And I got to meet my sister-in-law there (more like sister and best friend) and eat Peanut M&Ms out of her purse and drink diet Coke until my bladder was so full it hurt to walk to the bathroom.

And, my Friday was not over.

Weekend, thank you for my husband, honey, hubby, who sent me a text asking me on a date.

Let's go to dinner or movies later, 6ish?
Okay :)

Ahhh. Now I tell my sons and daughters to never ask for or accept a date by text BUT... After 20 years together a text is perfectly acceptable.  I just love that he thinks of me, wants to date me.
We found the most awesome Italian restaurant with a live jazz band and lots of ambiance.  Ambience is good because it fills in what words cannot.  Our neighbors down the street were there and they bought us dessert.  Weekend, you know how to finish off a night.  Free dessert. Nothing better.

Saturday morning has greeted me with rain as I sit and blog.  It has also greeted me with a quiet house (except for the teenage son at the computer next to me, but he is quiet so it's okay).  The best daddy in the world took four kids to the snow.  I did not go.  The magic of snow wore off for me sometime during the winter of 2000.  I imagine it to be as cold and wet as I remember it.  And I imagine they will have a great time.  And I imagine that I will have a pile wet clothes, muddy boots, hungry tummies and cold noses in a few hours.

So Weekend, I will go take advantage of the few more hours you have given me.  And please come again, as I know you will.

Your adoring fan,


Bo Landsem said...

Ditto from me, weekend!

msprimadonna67 said...

Thank goodness for the weekends! I'm enjoying a quiet, mellow Saturday morning right now, too, after having actually slept in. Lovely!

Lisa said...

Winter 2000? I know the feeling. Only I left that winter hoping never to return. That failed.

I so love Fridays and the weekend!

Charlene said...

My Friday night status update is almost always something to the effect of "TGIF - I think I can hear a choir of angels singing!" ENJOY & Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Katinka said...

Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!


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